Ryan Bancroft Announces His Opening Season as Chief Conductor at Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra

By Afton Wooten


Photo credit: Nadja Sjöström

Ryan Bancroft is set to begin his first season as Chief Conductor at the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.

Bancroft plans to incorporate a “more gender-balanced repertoire” along with the programming of traditional and contemporary Swedish music.

The season opens with Sven-David Sandström’s “The High Mass.” Continuing on are new works by Swedish composers Anders Hillborg and Daniel Börtz, other composers to be featured include Anna Clyne, James MacMillan, and Caroline Shaw.

In 2019 Bancroft made his debut with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. From there, the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra appointed him Chief Conductor Designate just two years later.

Stefan Forsberg, the company’s Executive and Artistic Director said in a press release, “We are very excited to see what Ryan brings to the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and to the music scene in our vibrant and beautiful city. Of course, Ryan stands deeply rooted in our beloved musical tradition, but his artistic curiosity is equally important. Every serious artist of today needs to have a spotlight on their forehead, eagerly searching for new artistic concepts to present to our audience – Ryan´s spotlight shines brighter than most others! With Ryan, we look forward to another golden era in the glorious 121-year history of the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra.”