Roulette Intermedium to Present New Production of Robert Ashley’s ‘el/Aficionado’

By Logan Martell

On October 21, 2021, Roulette Intermedium will present a new production of the late American composer Robert Ashley’s opera “el/Aficionado.”

Written in 1987, the work was last performed in 1995, and is scored for four voices and a pre-recorded electronic orchestra. The cast features mezzo-soprano Kayleigh Butcher in the lead role of Agent, along with Bonnie Lander, Paul Pinto, and Brian McCorkle. Sound design and live mix will be done by music director Tom Hamilton, with lighting and stage design by David Mooney.

“eL/Aficionadois” tells the story of a person on trial who is being being cross-examined by two persons under the direction of a third person (who is also directing the narrative and providing commentary throughout).

The show will run for three performances on October 21, 22, and 23. A video recording will also be made available post-performance on the company’s website and YouTube channel. A new recording of the opera will also be released through Lovely Music on October 22, 2021.