Romanian Opera Houses to Celebrate Virginia Zeani’s 96

By Francisco Salazar

During the month of October, all Romanian National Opera houses will dedicate performances to Soprano Virginia Zeani who turns 96 this month.

Known as one of the brightest opera stars in Romania and loved by critics and audiences alike, Zeani paved the way for many Romanian singers and is now a distinguished teacher. Between Oct. 16-31, musicians will pay tribute to the legendary artist, for her immense contribution to the development of the opera world, and for her precious work in the service of global culture.

Tributes will be seen from companies in Timișoara, Constanța, Brașov, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Iași, Craiova and Galați

Journalist and present Marius Constantinescu noted, “Virginia Zeani arrived in Romania for the last time in 2011. I had the privilege to meet her again a few years later, in the United States. I had one of those rare and incredibly precious moments when I loved the way time and atmosphere air had gathered around me and gave me the privilege of such a meeting. You know, it’s that feeling of being too much, too beautiful, too good, too unbelievable as such. Being so surreal, you approach her on tiptoe and you do not allow yourself to be completely filled by her, for fear she will evaporate in a moment.”