Roberto Alagna’s ‘Al Capone’ Gets Canceled Due to Poor Attendance

By David Salazar

Performances of the musical “Al Capone,” which starred famed tenor Roberto Alagna, have been canceled.

Per reports, the production, which opened in January 2023 and was set to restart on April 13, was poorly attended and hence the decision was made to discontinue its run altogether. In sum, only 48 of the originally planned 90 performances took place.

In an official social media post, the show’s profile noted that the organization was “very sad to not have found an audience for the show.” Per Le Parisient, only about 50,000 tickets were sold, which was about 30 to 40 percent less than originally expected.

The production was directed by Jean-Marc Dumontet and had some controversy associated with it from the start. Per BFMTV, the production was modified, due to a “disastrous portrayal of women in 2023.” Additionally, Alagna came under fire last year for canceling performances of “Tosca” in Barcelona due to what some purported was scheduling conflicts with “Al Capone;” Alagna claimed that his decision to drop the “Tosca” production was due to artistic differences with the director’s vision.