Gran Teatre del Liceu Responds to Roberto Alagna & Aleksandra Kurzak’s Withdrawal from ‘Tosca’

By Francisco Salazar

The Gran Teatre del Liceu is responding to the controversy following Roberto Alagna and Aleksandra Kurzak’s withdrawal from a Tosca production by Rafael R. Villalobos.

According to, the theater has been silent on the matter to respect the artist’s decisions but responded to questions that the Spanish media source sent the company.

According to the media source, the Liceu said that the production by Villalobos was always the staging that the artists would be performing and that videos of it were sent to their agents.

The Liceu also noted that the theater does not allow performers to sing with one rehearsal and gives permission for artists to incorporate themselves into the production later or miss rehearsals due to other variables.

The theater also stated that the company was always going to perform the production by Rafael R. Villalobos and never told Alagna or any of the cast members that they were willing to change the production.

The news comes after Roberto Alagna gave an interview with the Italian news source Connessi all’Opera and later Peter de Caluwe responded to the tenor’s claims. Aleksandra Kurzak later gave an interview with her side of the story.