River City Opera To Hold Discussions for Artistic Equity & Contemporary Composers

By Logan Martell

While live performances continue to be out of reach for most companies, River City Opera is taking the month of August to host a series of online discussions regarding diversity of the arts, the importance of contemporary composers, and what the future of the opera industry may look like in the years ahead.

Founded in 2019, River City Opera seeks to stage performances in non-traditional venues, with a focus on reaching diverse audiences with diverse performers.

The company will presenting “Making it Stick: Successfully Incorporating Audience DEI Initiatives In You Organization.” The event will be hosted by Elliot Paige and featuring NYU professor Donna Walker-Kuhne and this discussion will be on implanting policies of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Broadcast Date: August 13, 2020.

“No New Mozart” will be hosted by Dean Anthony, featuring composers Nkeiru Okoye, Michael Ching, and Whitney George. This discussion will explore the struggle of being a contemporary composer in an industry that favors older works.

Broadcast Date: August 20, 2020.

River City Opera will also present “Life After the Burn Book: Envisioning Opera’s Future.”

Broadcast Date: August 27, 2020.