Rhymes With Opera to Revive ‘Red Giant’

By David Salazar

Rhymes with Opera will present a live, virtual production of Adam Matlock’s “Red Giant” starting on June 20, 2021.

The work is a sci-fi opera that tells the story of three people who are lost in space. The opera premiered in 2014 with Rhymes With Opera and is the organization’s first revival.

The showcase will present three singers performing from three different cities. The singers include soprano Bonnie Lander, who will be performing from Baltimore, Maryland; soprano Elisabeth Halliday-Quan from Rochester, New York; and baritone Robert Maril from New York, New York. The opera will be directed by Ashley Tata.

“As a lifelong fan of Science Fiction and a composer enamored of opera as a medium, it only made sense to combine the two when given the opportunity to work on a piece,” said Matlock in a press release. “Of course in the beginning the scenario – people trying to escape a planet’s surface that has become uninhabitable due to their sun becoming the titular ‘Red Giant’ – was pure fantasy. But in the nearly decade since this piece was first written, we’ve seen governments and societies struggle to reach a consensus as to whether or not climate change is really happening in the face of readily observable evidence – and it’s hard not to feel that this story has gained some resonance in the face of that. And of course, even in the face of a true existential crisis, humans will still find time to bicker.”