Renée Fleming Performs for Joe Biden’s Inauguration Mass

By Francisco Salazar

Renée Fleming performed at the Mass of Thanksgiving to commemorate the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

During the mass, the soprano sang “Ave Maria” and “America the Beautiful”

Fleming released a statement to the New York Times stating, “I knew it would be intensely emotional, after the frightening divisions we’ve all witnessed, to sing ‘Ave Maria’ and ‘America the Beautiful’ for President-elect Biden and leaders from both parties. Singing for something of this magnitude comes with unique challenges. Imagine looking out while singing and seeing rows of faces from your daily news feed.”

The soprano released a picture via social media of the picture and noted that the service was not streamed or recorded.

Fleming is one of the many celebrities who was invited to festivities. Among other celebrities who participated in the inauguration included Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and Garth Brooks.