Random Opera Makes History With Accreditation by Living Wage Foundation

By David Salazar

Random Opera has become the first U.K. opera company to be accredited by the Living Wage Foundation.

The company revealed that it was committed to paying artists and creatives livable wages for both their time in performance and in rehearsal.

“We are passionate about creating opportunities for emerging artists to perform opera, but we recognize that too often in this industry, the combination of low fees and long rehearsal periods for these opportunities place a heavy financial burden on the artists. We want to ensure that our opportunities are accessible to anyone who wants to participate – not just those with the financial means to do so,” the company said in an official press statement, adding that part of its ability to implement a living wage for its artists is through a more efficient rehearsal process, allowing singers more time to work on other projects and positions.

The company is gearing up for productions of “Der Freischütz,” “Algorithms,” “Elena e Gerardo,” and “La Sonnambula.”