Rachmaninoff International Orchestra Unites Musicians from Eastern and Western Europe

By Francisco Salazar

The Foundation for Global Arts, the nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering international understanding through the arts, has announced its support of the newly formed Rachmaninoff International Orchestra.

Founded by pianist, conductor, and composer Mikhail Pletnev, the RIO will be composed of preeminent musicians from Eastern and Western Europe.

In a statement, Sergey Markov, RIO General Manager said, “Mikhail Pletnev has deepened his commitment to artistic freedom with his founding of the Rachmaninoff International Orchestra. The orchestra has a vital role to play in bridging divides and inspiring peace through the universal language of music.”

The orchestra’s name was inspired by composer, pianist, and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff, an artist who loved his country but left and did not return due to political forces.

The RIO will be represented in Europe by Artists Management Company, and in China by Armstrong International Music & Arts.