Qatar Philharmonic Cancels All Performances

By Francisco Salazar

The Qatar Philharmonic has canceled its entire schedule of performances in solidarity with Palestine.

The orchestra released a statement noting, “In solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Palestine, we have decided to cancel all scheduled events. The situation in Palestine has reached an unprecedented level of crisis that is deeply disturbing and urgent. We are devastated by the daily loss of innocent lives, and as such do not think it is appropriate to proceed with our events as planned.”

The statement added, “We encourage all our community to stay informed about the situation in Palestine, continue advocating for peace and justice, and support humanitarian initiatives. This crisis highlights the importance of global unity, empathy, and a concerted effort to bring relief and support to those affected. We understand the disappointment and frustration that this cancellation may cause, but we believe it is our duty to redirect our focus toward the pressing needs in Palestine. Our commitment to advocating for the Palestinian people and their rights remains unwavering, and we will explore alternative ways to support the cause.”

The news comes after the Royal Opera Muscat canceled its performances in solidarity with Palestine and as many arts organizations in the Middle East are canceling all events due to the war.