Put the Needle on the Record: Top Five US States That Love Vinyl

By Chris Ruel
Photo: Unsplash/Miriana  Dorabantu

Here’s a trivia question: Which US state is most obsessed with vinyl records?

The online vaping shop, ProVape, conducted a survey and compared the results against state populations to discover where the aficionados of the LP reside.

Sales of vinyl records have grown steadily, and in 2021 alone, 41.7 million LPs were purchased. That’s up more than 45 percent in the 15 years since the vinyl revival began.

In a media statement by ProVape, a spokesperson for the company said, “It is fascinating to see how many people want to purchase vinyl records nowadays. People tend to have a feeling of nostalgia when it comes to the pre-digital era. The new millennium brought a series of digital innovations to the musical world, which are far more convenient and appealing from a user perspective, compared to the stationary vinyl record player. However, listeners have now found a new love for vintage music, and it’s amazing that people all over the US still search vinyl records online in such vast numbers.’’

Here now are the top five vinyl states measured by monthly search volume per 100,000 people.

Coming in at number five is Nevada, where roulette wheels aren’t the only things spinning. With a population of three million racking up 2,400 searches per month, the Silver State had 79 searches per 100 thousand people.

At number four sits The Empire State, New York. The state’s population19 million searched for LPs an average of 18,100 times each month, equating to 92.62 searches per 100,000.

Don’t mess with Texas. The Lone Star State population of 29 million searched for vinyl an average of 27,100  times per month, or 92.98 per 100,000.

In the Golden State, vinyl’s the new gold in California with 39 million conducting on average 40,500 searches per month for LPs. That’s 102.38 searches per 100,000.

The most vinyl-crazy US state? Colorado. The Centennial State’s 5.6 million people searched for vinyl records 6,600 times per month, for a mile high search volume of 115.88 searches per 100,000.

In case you’re wondering…  Adele’s “30” was the 2021 best-selling vinyl album, clocking in at 318,000 copies sold.