Purchase College Opera to Present ‘Hamlet’

By David Salazar

Purchase College Opera is set to present Thomas’ “Hamlet” starting on April 11.

The production will be directed by Jacque Trussel and conducted by Hugh Murphy.

“For me and for our team, the key to this piece was to make it as simple and close to the Shakespeare as possible. When you cut the ballet, the huge choruses, and the other requirements of Nineteenth Century French Grande Opera, it becomes an intimate family drama,” Trussel told OperaWire. “At the same time, it has been extremely important for us to respect the French style and the extraordinary beauty of Ambroise Thomas’ score. Our students are having a wonderful experience bringing these highly flawed characters to life and ultimately death.”

Zoe Brooks and Brigid Mack will alternate the title role while Eliza Mastropieri and Sophia Orrico take on the role of Ophélie. As La Reine, the production is featuring Yaffa Ovsischer and Rachel Schlesinger. Sylvain Falipou and Jonathan Mildner will be Le Roi / Le Spectre. Other cast members include James Hernandez, Aidan White, Jeremy Fox, Rhys Stermer, Theodore Perrington, Amanda Frank, Rachel Eaton, Jeanete Gonzales, Desara Leka, Zian Taylor, Damien Headley, Gabriel Wood, Beyoncé Zambrano, Kiera Masci, and Nadia Alalou.

The Thomas opera will be presented through April 14, 2024.