Prototype Festival Unveils Streaming Slate for 2021

By David Salazar

The Prototype Festival has announced its streaming slate for the Spring of 2021.

First up will be “Thumbprint,” which will also feature a virtual conversation between composer Kamala Sankaram, librettist Susan Yankowitz, and director Rachel Dickstein.

Streaming Date: May 12, 2021

 Next up is “Toxic Psalms.” Director Karmina šilec will be around for a virtual conversation after the stream.

Streaming Date: June 10, 2021

“Angel’s Bone” will be the featured work in July. The stream of the opera will feature a conversation with composer Du Yun and director Michael McQuilken.

Streaming Date: July 15, 2021 

As the summer winds down, audiences will be able t check out “Funeral Doom Spiritual,” which will include a virtual conversation with composer and performer M. Lamar.

Streaming Date: August 2021

Acquanetta” will be the ensuing stream. Composer Michael Gordon and librettist Deborah Artman will join in the virtual conversation.

Streaming Date: September 2021

“Train with No Midnight” will be presented with a digital conversation featuring composer, writer, and performer Joseph Keckler.

Streaming Date: October 2021

“Cion: Requiem of Ravel’s Bolero” will be showcased in time for Thanksgiving. Creator and choreographer Gregory Maqoma will be featured in the virtual conversation.

Streaming Date: November 2021

Closing out 2021 will be a stream of “MODULATION” with composer Angélica Negrón featured in the virtual conversation.

Streaming Date: December 2021