Portland Opera to Go to Present ‘A Journey in Faith / Un Camino de Fé’

By Nicolas Quiroga

Portland Opera to Go (POGO) returns this month with “A Journey of Faith/Un Camino de Fe” by Héctor Armienta and Marcos Ochoa.

“A Journey of Faith/Un camino de Fe” is based on a true story and is a story within a story. It begins with a young Latina in high school who is convinced that her family’s story is not interesting to tell and is confronted by her older brother, who tells her about the emotional and difficult challenges her family faced as immigrants in the U.S.

Thanks to her brother’s inspiring stories, the girl’s pride in her family and her heritage is revived. In the opera, the family deals with poverty, rejection and disillusionment, finding their only support in the father’s vision and faith.

Performers include Emilia Barrera, Frank Convit, Jessica Blau, Mariana Rivera, and Zachary Lenox. Rebecca Stager will be at the piano with Liane Schirmer directing the production.

The showcase will feature performances in school gyms, libraries, cafeterias, classrooms, and community centers, with a focus on schools with barriers to accessing the arts.

POGO has shared opera with more than 285,000 student and community audience members living in Oregon, southwestern Washington, northern California, western Idaho, and northern Nevada. Each year the POGO company and its members travel more than 5,000 miles to connect with some 13,000 K-12 students.