Portland Opera Announces ‘Opera a la Cart’ Schedule for Summer 2023

By David Salazar
(Photo by Garrick Antikajian)

Portland Opera is set to bring back its “Opera a la Cart” this summer.

The tour kicked off on July 6 at the Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland. On July 11, the company heads to Happy Valley Library with a performance to follow on July 12 at The Fields Park. Next will be a showcase at the Hampton Opera Center on July 13 followed by an appearance at Hillsboro Cultural Arts District on July 15.

The company will subsequently perform at the Oregon City Library (July 16), Pioneer Courthouse Square (July 20), Elk Cove Winery (July 22), Argyle Winery (July 23), Hampton Opera Center (July 27), Khunamokwst Park (July 28), Pioneer Courthouse Square (August 3), Vancouver Music Festival Arts Walk (August 4),McCoy Park (August 9), Hampton Opera Center (August 10), Remy Winery (August 13), Caruthers Park (August 16), Pioneer Courthouse Square (August 17), Et Fille Winery (August 19), Hampton Opera Center (August 24), Verdell B. Rutherford Park (August 25), and Utopia Wines (August 26).

Performances will feature local artists.