Playground Theatre to Present ‘Blue Electric’

By David Salazar

The Playground Theatre is set to present the full version Alba Arikha’s “Blue Electric” between Oct. 27-31, 2020.

The opera, which had its world premiere at the Tête à Tête Opera Festival in 2018 in a 40-minute version, tells the story of 16-year-old Maya, a young Parisian girl trying to fit in. At night, she hears her father screaming in German and the two engage in non-stopped battles that threaten to damage their relationship.

The opera emphasizes the effects of the Holocaust through juxtapositions between contemporary orchestra music and pop music; adolescent preoccupations and concentration camps.

The score was written by Tom Small and has now been expanded to a full 90-minute version. The work will star Mimi Doulton, Jonathan Brown, Helen Charlston. Camilla Seale, Christopher Bowen, and Emily Wenman. Shaun Matthew will conduct with Orpha Phelan directing.