Plácido Domingo Wants to Create a Zarzuela Academy

By Francisco Salazar

Plácido Domingo wants to create an academy dedicated to Zarzuela.

The singer told the Fundación Adiprope, of which he is a patron, that he wants young singers to interpret and value the Spanish genre. According to Domingo, the academy would be named after his father and mother, Plácido Domingo Ferrer and Josefa Pepita Embil Etxaniz, who were important artists in the zarzuela genre and helped to spread the musical style around Hispanic countries, especially Mexico.

The meeting with the Fundación Adiprope took place following Domingo’s return to the Teatro Real, where he had not performed for three years. The singer recently announced he will make his debut in Paraguay and is set to return to the Arena di Verona this summer. He is also set to perform in Mexico, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Bolivia, and Croatia.