Plácido Domingo is Not Being Investigated in Escuela de Yoga Probe

By Francisco Salazar

Plácido Domingo is not being investigated by the Argentine Federal police.

Colombia’s La W interviewed Commissioner Ricardo Juri who said, “in the framework of a complaint that was made by people who have a protected identity, we carried out investigative tasks on people who would be part of a criminal organization dedicated to human trafficking.” He added, “Mr. Plácido Domingo is not being investigated in this case. Simply, within the framework of the wiretapping, a contact arises specifically with two people who call themselves Mendy and Mariano, who are detained. Apparently, the relationship they would have with Plácido Domingo is related to the profession, because these people are linked to Domingo’s profession.”

Juri also noted, “what is interpreted in the investigation is that they wanted to capture him through music, they knew that there was going to be a recital in April and, as a result, they did some errands to contact him. He communicated with Mendy, whom he had known for many years and they have met a couple of times.”

According to other audio tapes and conversations, the organization has been attempting to co-opt Domingo through music for the last 30 years. When he went to Argentina in April, the organization was going to take advantage of his anemic state due to the situation he is facing with his family and the sexual harassment allegations he faced. They were then going to find something beneficial for the organization.

Juri also revealed that the sect had bases in New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

The news comes days after audiotapes were captured during a raid that dismantled the Escuela de Yoga. The audiotapes featured Domingo making a deal with “Mendy” and later the woman speaking with Juan Percowicz, the sect’s leader, celebrating her recent negotiation. The phone calls appeared to be wiretapped.

The interview comes after the Associated Press spoke to a law enforcement officer that said Domingo has not committed a crime nor was he part of the organization, but rather a consumer of prostitution.

According to earlier reports, Domingo knew Mendy and leaders of the sect through music and performed with them in a concert in 1996.