Phoenix Orchestra & Musicians Reach New Agreement

By David Salazar

The Phoenix Orchestra and its musicians have agreed to a new contract. The announcements was made on July 1, 2024.

The one year-agreement, which extends through Nov. 1, 2024, features a season of 35 weeks with a four percent increase in weekly compensation. Also included in the agreement is the restoration of two positions and the establishment of an insurance task force made up of musicians, board members, and management.

“Our colleagues continue to be committed to the success of The Phoenix Symphony, and we are encouraged by the progress represented by this agreement,” said Mark Deatherage, Phoenix Symphony Associate Principal Violist, and lead negotiator for Local 586, in an official press release. “This is an important step as we seek to advance our symphony orchestra, its programs, and its people.”

“The Phoenix Symphony is one of Arizona’s most important cultural assets,” added President and CEO Peter Kjome. “I appreciate the productive and collaborative conversations with our musicians as we work together with our Board, staff, and other leaders with the support of our community to chart the course toward a bright future for our great orchestra and make that future a reality.”