Petr Nekoranec Headlines Czech Philharmonic’s Prague Spring Festival Closing Concert

By David Salazar

The Czech Philharmonic has announced that it will present a live performance on June 3, 2021.

The performance, which will be the closing concert of the Prague Spring Festival, will feature performances of music by Mahler, Britten, and Beethoven’s famed sixth symphony. Tenor Petr Nekoranec will perform an arrangement of the second movement from Mahler’s Symphony No. 3 as well as Britten’s “Les Illuminations Op. 18 for high voice and string orchestra.

Mark Wigglesworth conducts the evening.

“It will be very special to perform at the Prague Spring Festival in a year in which so much healing has to begin. We need to regain our confidence, a confidence that can be led by the arts. The Prague Spring Festival has always had faith in the future. We need to share that faith now more than ever,”  Wigglesworth stated per the Czech Philharmonic’s official website.

The showcase will be given to a socially distanced audience and will be live streamed via the company’s official website.