Petition Launched to Save Villa Verdi From Auction

By Francisco Salazar

A petition has been started by Alessandro Bonato, an Italian conductor, in order to save Villa Verdi, which is set to be auctioned, ending a dispute between the Verdi’s descendants.

In the petition, the conductor states that the Villa represents the life of Maestro Verdi, where many valuables of the composer are stored. He goes on to add that the villa is part of Italy and the world’s history.

According to the petition, the villa has documents and musical objects that maintain the memory of Verdi. The petition asks that the villa be given to the Ministero della Cultura so that the historical site is not damaged and history is not lost.

The full letter written by Bonato reads as follows:

Dear President Mattarella,

Dear President Draghi,

Dear Minister Franceschini,

I am Alessandro Bonato, a young Italian conductor who, like thousands of other people and artists, was born and raised with the notes of M. Giuseppe Verdi.

Today I learn from the press that Villa Verdi in Sant’Agata will be auctioned.

The Villa represents the life of Maestro Verdi, where priceless treasures are kept, which testify, even today, the importance that the Maestro has had in the history of our country and of the whole world. A precious legacy of documents and objects that musicians, scholars, simple enthusiasts and tourists should be able to enjoy, so as to keep alive the memory of one of the most important Italian musicians in history.

Villa Verdi must be protected and bound by the Ministry of Culture as a heritage of humanity, so that it is not distorted, the masterpieces inside are not lost and its integrity and purpose are preserved.

We owe this to the Maestro, to music and to history.

With thanks, I offer my most sincere greetings

Alessandro Bonato”

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