Paulo Szot Announces New Album of Brazilian Music

By Francisco Salazar

Paulo Szot has announced his first Brazilian classical album entitled “Jardim Noturno.”

The album celebrates the 100th anniversary of legendary composer Claudio Santoro, showcases Szot alongside pianist Nahim Marum. Szot performs songs by Santoro and also includes some of Santoro’s solo piano pieces.

Of the album, Szot stated, “It is both a privilege and a dream to be able to record the beauty of Claudio Santoro’s music. We tried to offer different phases of the author with enormous admiration for his works, searching for a singular narrative to illustrateClaudio Santoro’s sensible and peculiar dialogue between the piano and voice.”

Pianist Marun added, “Santoro’s songbook opens an intimate musical space, both delicate and filled with beautiful surprises. Each note, each phrase, each detail translates with sophistication the multiple meanings of poetry. As a counterpoint, the solo piano pieces, with their angular, rustic, and solar character, become intertwined with the cycles and songs, printing a very Brazilian piano accent onto the exuberant imagery of Jardim Noturno (Nocturnal Garden).”

Santoro studied with Germany’s Hans-Joachim Koellreutter and participated in the musical avant-garde scene as a member of the groupMúsica Viva.

Selo Sesc will release the album first on Sesc Digital on August 7 and other streaming platforms on August 12.


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