Pacific Opera Victoria Announces Principal Conductor

By Francisco Salazar

The Pacific Opera Victoria has promoted Victoria BC conductor, Giuseppe (Joey) Pietraroia, to the position of Principal Conductor.

In a statement, Pietraroia said, “I am excited to serve as Principal Conductor with Pacific Opera Victoria. Having made my home in Victoria for the past two decades, I am eager to continue my working relationship with the musicians of the Victoria Symphony, and looking forward to welcoming Pacific Opera’s new Artistic Director Brenna Corner and collaborating with her and the entire leadership team. As a student of conducting under Timothy Vernon, it’s a privilege to build upon his countless musical accomplishments over the past four decades.”

CEO Ian Rye added, “We are thrilled to elevate Joey’s role in the organization, ensuring we will continue to enjoy his artistry on the podium and the accomplished musical performances that Pacific Opera is known for. As Principal Conductor, Joey will direct the Musicians of the Victoria Symphony, the Pacific Opera Chorus, and the many Canadian and International soloists who grace our stages. He will invite guest conductors to the podium each season to expand our musical horizons, and will continue to collaborate with conductors in the Women in Musical Leadership program.”

Pietraroia is the Associate Conductor with the Victoria Symphony and has also worked with l’Orchestre Métropolitain, Calgary Philharmonic, Hamilton Philharmonic, Kingston Symphony, Okanagan Symphony, Orchestra London, Thunder Bay Symphony, Toronto Symphony, Regina Symphony, and the Vancouver Symphony. As Chorus Master, he has led the Pacific Opera Chorus.