Oscar Winner Ron Howard To Direct Pavarotti Documentary

By Francisco Salazar

Ron Howard will direct a new documentary about Luciano Pavarotti.

Following the success of “The Beatles: Eight Days A Week,” Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment and Nigel Sinclair and Guy East’s White Horse Pictures will follow it with the Pavarotti.

According to Deadline, the film will get full access to the singer’s family archives, interviews and live music footage. It will be made in collaboration Universal Music Group partner Polygram Entertainment, who owns much of Pavarotti’s discography and videography. Studio Canal will co-finance and oversee international sales with White Horse Pictures.

Howard noted in a press release that the opportunity of making a documentary of Pavarotti would allow him to explore an artist that has largely been untouched and has a number of archival footage that has never been seen.

“He has been vastly documented and recorded enough that even though he’s not with us, we’re going to be able to allow Pavarotti to tell his own story. I am now going to school on this. For instance, I had no idea what a physical feat it is to generate those sounds, especially night in and night out. It is the function of years of dedicated training and a commitment to turn your body into that kind of instrument. It’s not just a matter of some people having a good set of pipes and others don’t,” Howard said.

Pavarotti passed away ten years ago at the age of 71. He left an immense discography and he was one of the few singers who was able to cross over into the mainstream and popularize opera.

Howard has directed numerous acclaimed films including “Apollo 13,” “A Beautiful Mind,” “Cinderella Man” and “Rush.”