Opus 3 Artists Integrates Magnum Opus Artists into its Roster

By David Salazar

Opus 3 Artists has announced that it integrating the entire roster of Magnum Opus Artists into its vocal division, effective Jan. 1, 2024.

Per an official press release, Caroline Woodfield will transition into a consultancy role while Nathan Wentworth will take over full-time leadership of the division. Meanwhile, Trevor Newman will return to Opus 3 as an artist manager.

Among the artists on Magnus Opus Artists’ roster are Vanessa Becerra, Mikaela Bennett, Anna Christy, Kiera Duffy, Leah Hawkins, Alexandra Loutsion, Tamara Wilson, Ashley Dixon, Taylor Raven, Joshua Guerrero, Duke Kim, Issachah Savage, Kidon Choi, and Philippe Sly.

“Caroline Woodfield has been integral to the success of Opus 3 for many years, and I am delighted that we are building on her legacy for the generation to come,” said Donagh Collins, Chief Executive, Askonas Holt & Opus 3 Artists, in an official press statement. “I’m thrilled that Nathan and Trevor have accepted our invitation to join Opus 3 with all the artists on the Magnum Opus roster – they are respected, open-hearted artist managers and we welcome them to our family. I will support them to ensure that all artists at Opus 3 will have the resources they need from our Alliance, enhancing their careers and pursuing the wonderful opportunities ahead.”