OperaWire Unveils Version 2.0 With New Designs, Logo, Features

By David Salazar

Dear Readers,

Welcome to what we like to call “OperaWire 2.0,” a completely new redesign intended to provide you with the best experience you’ve ever had with OperaWire.

Before we talk about the changes, we would like to shine a spotlight on the team at Lenny’s Studio who created this new version of OperaWire. Special mention must go out to Cate Pisaroni, Alaric King, Hannah Pilbeam, and Paul Davis for leading the effort to make this happen over the last few months.

The changes employed on the new website were all created with the intent of creating a more straightforward experience for the reader. We assessed many of the challenges and issues we found with the previous version, taking into account feedback from readers and users.

As such, the new design features a much cleaner look with clearer navigation menus at the top of every page and via a new sidebar; this sidebar also includes access to our brand-new Authors page, which shines a spotlight on OperaWire’s current contributors and their most recent work.

Finally, some of our categories have been renamed to clarify the often-confusing nature of previous titles. For example, “High Notes” is now “Special Features,” while “Opera For Beginners” is now “Opera Wiki.”

Finally, we have a new logo which captures the essence of the original, but upgrades it to fit the elegance and maturity of the new website design.

We firmly believe that you will all love this new version of OperaWire, whether you are reading it from your desktop or mobile device. As always, thank you for reading!


David & Francisco Salazar

Co-founders of OperaWire.com


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