OperaWire Announces New Video Content

By Francisco Salazar

Following three years in partnership with the Dallas Opera’s TDO Network, OperaWire will continue its digital content on its new YouTube channel.

This past March, OperaWire ended its series “The News” with OperaWire for The Dallas Opera. Since kicking off in mid-2020, the series featured over 130 episodes and millions of views. It was a pleasure working with the company on creating content and generating a show that allows audiences to be up to date with the world of Opera.

As we move forward, OperaWire will continue its video work via its new YouTube page. We will create two new series. The first will be “The Daily Report,” which will give audiences a snippet into a major event in the opera world. These will be created a daily basis except for Saturdays and Sundays. At a later date will begin a new series that will give audiences an overview of the week’s news.

We hope you will join us by subscribing to our YouTube channel.