OperaRox Productions Set To Premiere ‘Ghost Variations’

By Francisco Salazar

OperaRox Productions will premiere the workshop version of the new opera “Ghost Variations.”

The workshop, set for August 19, 2018 at Scorca Hall at the National Opera Center, represents Tony Manfredonia’s first opera. The opera was chosen after a call to scores in 2017 by OperaRox. Seven other submissions were produced as art song in last year’s New Works Concerts as part of NYOA’s NY OperaFest, and Manfredonia’s was chosen for development into a full production.

The August 19th workshop will be the first step leading up to an off-Broadway run for the full World Premiere. “Ghost Variations” focuses on issues of mental illness through the lens of Clara Schumann and continues OperaRox’s mission for the 2018 season of bringing issues of social impact to the fore through performance and diverse and inclusionary hiring practices.

Manfredonia noted in a press release, “Most of the inspiration for Ghost Variations’ composition came from being both a survivor of mental illness as well as someone on the receiving end. It’s not easy for either party, and the music reflects that. Listening to the cast bring the opera to life has been a surreal experience, their talents adding so much weight to the combination of libretto and music!”

This season, OperaRox Productions hopes to reduce the stigma that surrounds mental illness by illuminating the voices of all who may find themselves suffering. To that end, “Ghost Variations” will feature a talkback panel with the creative team and mental health professionals to further educate our audience.