New Voices Opera Artistic Director Duncan Holzhall Releases ‘Voices of Tomorrows Songs’

By Chris Ruel

Duncan Holzhall, a creative leader, writer, and performing arts producer announced the release of his new book, “Voices of Tomorrows Songs.” The book details a vision statement for the industry dictated by young professionals entering the field.

Holzhall conducted interviews with young artists and discussed the creative process, as well as issues related to representation, diversity, accessibility, creativity, innovation, education, and sustainability. The interviews offer all readers, from newcomers looking for insider feedback to young people looking to start a career in the opera industry.

Current professionals working within the field will gain valuable insight into the future of the business through the eyes of young people. Interview responses range from the humorous to the heartfelt, with opera-world jargon broken down in lighthearted footnotes.

Holzhall, currently the Artistic Director of New Voices Opera, a company devoted to the development of contemporary opera, views the book release as timely given the crisis facing the industry due to COVID-19. “Voices of Tomorrows Songs” also looks at how the social justice movement has caused companies to reflect upon and address systemic inequality within the industry.

With performances halted, Holzhall believes the vision laid out in the book will set a modern and equitable foundation for the growth of opera in the years to come.

“Voices of Tomorrows Songs” is available for $12 on