Opera Singers Speak Out on Israel-Palestine Conflict

By Francisco Salazar

Following the escalating declaration of war on Hamas by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, several opera artists have released statements regarding the situation.

Soprano Olga Peretayko wrote “In times of unimaginable hardship and heartbreaking news, it is important for us to come together as one global community. The reality of war is a painful truth that affects everyone, regardless of which side they are on. Ordinary people, innocent souls, bear the brunt of its consequences. As we witness the devastation and destruction, it becomes clear that decisions made in the pursuit of power and control only fuel further hatred and suffering, the new generations will hate. We must realize that a never-ending cycle of violence is not the solution we seek. It is time for the world to come to its senses and embrace peace. Remember when we longed for simpler times? When a global pandemic forced us into lockdown, revealing the importance of unity and compassion. Let us not forget those lessons we learned during the height of the COVID-19 crisis. Through distancing, we found connection. Through sacrifice, we found strength. As individuals, we hold the power to choose compassion over hostility, love over hatred, and understanding over division. The road to lasting peace may seem long and arduous, but let us never lose sight of the fact that it is far better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Together, we can create a world where conflicts are resolved through dialogue, where empathy reigns, and where every person is valued and respected. It might feel impossible at times, but with each small act of kindness, we contribute to a brighter future. Together, we can make a difference.”

Meanwhile, Michael Fabiano unequivocally supported Israel writing, “I stand with Israel. The barbaric axing of the heads off of infants, the purposeful abductions of Holocaust victims, and the direct attack on innocent civilians should never, ever stand. Saying otherwise is weakness and pure evil. On 9/11, our country was terrorized by Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. We knew then what terror was and we certainly know what it is today. For a free world, purposeful targeting and killing of the innocent is terrorism. And it must be defeated. May we resolve to unite behind ideals of freedom and justice and may god bless Israel in this horrific time.”


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Tenor Enea Scala also too to social media and said, “In these terrible days I think of the dead, the wounded, the Israeli families. Israeli families who have a child taken hostage, the Palestinian families waiting for the reprisal that will wipe them out, the people who never decided anything and now lose everything. I think of the insane violence of a terrorist organisation that says it wants to defend its people by massacring them. I think of the violence of a democratic state that practises segregation so cruel that its neighbours are forced to choose between a quick death and a death by slaughter. <The world is broken>, said Tony Judt. Never as do we see it now.”

Mezzo Rinat Shaham took to Twitter and wrote, “Holding all innocent victims and their families in my prayers and in my heart. May the psychopaths controlling all this, vanish quickly!”