Opera Saratoga Unveils Details for ‘Listen to This: Voices to Heal Our Future’ Concert Series

By David Salazar

Opera Saratoga has announced details for its “Listen to This: Voices to Heal Our Future” concert series.

The three-part concert program opens with “The Other Side of Silence,” a new opera for synthetic and acoustic voice that features collaborations between RPI Director of Institute Ensembles Robert Whalen and  librettists Mark Steidl, Katherine Skovira and Sara Pyszka and Opera Saratoga. The work is said to be written by and for people who use Alternative Assistive Communication.

Performance Date: June 4, 2024

Then comes “Winterreise” in a showcase featuring bass-baritone William Socolof and pianist Chris Reynolds. They are directed by George R. Miller in a unique staging of the Schubert masterwork. The event will also feature a Q & A with Schubert expert Tom Denny.

Performance Date: June 11, 2024

Closing out the series is “I Woke Up in the Sky” by composer-performer Catherine Brookman.

“I used to go to shows and whisper in my friends’ ears when a song faded out, that the implication was it would somewhere, somehow be playing forever. I have always had trouble with endings,” Brookman revealed in an official press release. “On March 12, 2020 I took a train to Montreal with a bag packed for 3 days and didn’t return home for a year and half. I flew to LA, drove to Kanarraville, Utah and stayed in an airstream on a friend’s family’s farm, then to Colorado where it was snowing in June. I hiked solo for miles around Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California. I saw 6 bears in 3 days while running. I went skydiving and passed out in the sky. Then I woke up in the sky. When I walked alone around mountains, canyons, woods, painful things would transmute into beauty unexpectedly. The river became a mirror. I’m making a case for admitting how much we need each other, for unapologetic vulnerability. The music was made to make us feel less alone.”

Performance Date: June 18, 2024

All performances will take place at Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs.