Opera Parallèle To Celebrate Multiple Anniversaries with ‘Harvey Milk’

By David Salazar

Opera Parallèle is set to present Stewart Wallace and Michael Korie’s “Harvey Milk” on May 15-17, 2020 at YBCA in San Francisco.

The performance marks the 25th anniversary of the world premiere of the opera, which will be showcased in an all-new version as part of Opera Parallèle’s 10th anniversary. Moreover, the performances will also celebrate the 90th birthday of Milk.

“We are proud to mark our 10th anniversary by honoring the 90th birthday of San Francisco’s own Harvey Milk and the 25th anniversary of Stewart Wallace and Michael Korie’s moving work about his life and legacy,” Opera Parallèle Founder and Artistic Director Nicole Paiement stated in a press release. “Opera is most successful when it tells a powerful story and gives audiences a chance to see themselves reflected in its values and inspiration. Stewart and Michael have created a work that brings the energy and excitement of Milk’s time to the stage and inspires us in our own challenging era.”

The opera will be co-presented with the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus as well as Matthew Worth in the title role alongside David Walton, Christian Sanders, Matt Boehler, Tai Oney, Marnie Breckenridge, Catherine Cook, Kindra Scharich, Richard Watson, and Nicholas Hu, Helen Zhibing Huang, Edward Laurenson, and Chris Filipowicz.

The performances will be preceded by the Bullhorn Series of Community events which will elevate LGBTQ voices and inspire civic activism in a new generation of voters and citizens. They include “The American Dream Starts in the Neighborhood” on Feb 11, 2020; “You got to Give them hope” on March 3, 2020; “Never Take An Elevator in City Hall” on April 14, 2020; and “I’m Here to Recruit You” on May 5, 2020.