Opera on Tap & Kinesis Project Dance Theatre Present ‘Capacity, or: the Work of Crackling;

By David Salazar

Opera on Tap is joining forcing with Kinesis Project Dance Theatre to present “Capacity, or: the Work of Crackling” as part of Summer on the Hudson.

The showcase, scheduled for Sept. 30 and Oct. 1, 2023, is an outdoor exploration of joy, grief, and how it all relates to the natural processes of the earth’s cracking. It is set to take place at Locomotive Lawn at Riverside Park in New York.

As part of the program, audiences will hear a short talk by geologist Dr. Martah Eppes on cracking, glaciers, and the Hudson.

Performers include Rachel Hutchins, Kayleigh Butcher, Blake Burroughs, Kannan Vasudevan, and instrumentalists Johnna Wu (Violin), Jeff Hudgins (Saxophone), and Eyal Maoz (Anti-Social Music/Guitar). They are joined by  Kinesis Project NY dancer/collaborators Hilary Brown-Istrefi, Sabrina Canas, Madeline Hoak, Abbie Linnemeyer, and Yolette Yellow-Duke. Melissa Riker directs and choreographs the show.