Opera NUOVA to Present ‘The Consul’

By David Salazar

Edmonton-based Opera NUOVA is set to present “The Consul” starting on Jan. 29, 2022. The production will run through July 3 for a total of four performances.

The cast for the June 29 and July 2 performances includes Chelsea Kutyn, Cassidy Stahr, Kcenia Koutorjevski, Jayden Burrows, Kyle Simpson, Cameron Mazzei, Nohn Egan, Anastasia Pogorelova, Camryn Dewar, Brianna Sutherland, Renato Araujo, Maxwell Smith, and Huangyang Yin.

The June 30 and July 3 performances will be headlined by Amy Godin, Alla Salakhova, Madeleine Gutierrez, Max Smith, Nohl Egan, Cameron Mazzei, Kyle Simpson, Felicia Wilson, Ashley Carpenter, Janaki Butterworth, Huangyang Yin, Jayden Burrows, and Renato Araujo.

The opera will be conducted by Gordon Gerrard and directed by Brian Deedrick. Costume Design will be Josée Chartrand and lighting will be by Brock Keeler.