Opéra National de Paris to Present ‘Crowd Out’

By David Salazar

On July 1, 2024, the Opéra Bastille will feature 1,000 amateur choristers in David Lang’s “Crowd Out.”

The event, which is being presented as part of the celebration of the 2024 Paris Olympics, will be conducted by Fayçal Karoui and features choreography by Dimitri Chamblas.

Lang’s work was inspired by chants often heard at football (a.k.a. Soccer in the United States) matches and the ability to create a potent united voice through chant.

Lang has scored for such films as “Youth” and his vocal output includes “The Little Match Girl Passion” and the opera “Prisoner of the State;” “The Little Match Girl Passion” was a recipient of the Pulitzer Prize in Music in 2008 and was a Grammy Award winner in 2010.