Opera for Peace Concert Starring Marina Viotti, Edgar Moreau Set for Late January

By David Salazar

Opera for Peace is set to showcase the latest concert in its series supported by Unesco, le Forum International pour la Paix, and la Déclaration Universelle des Droits de L’Humanité on Thursday Jan. 23, 2020 at Place Flagey in Brussels.

The concert will feature a wide range of operatic talent, including soprano Elizaveta Ulakhovic, mezzo-soprano Marina Viotti, tenor Jesse Mimeran, tenor Yanis Benabdallah, and baritone Iva Thirion.

The concert will also be headlined by cellist Edgar Moreau with violinist Esther Abrami, guitarist Gabriel Bianco, pianist Aurèle Marthan, and pianist Christie Julien.

The performance will feature a wide range of musical selections from both opera and more popular music.

“Because it is so important to share culture, to show that art is above the borders and connects us all, that we are united, we are 10 artists and we come from eight different nationalities to give you all our generosity and deliver you an important message,” says main promotional material for the concert.