Opera de Rua to Present ‘O Exfakeado’

By David Salazar

Conductor and composer Jorge Antunes and Opera de Rua is set to present “O Exfakeado” this August.

The opera, which was composed by Antunes and opens on August 13 before touring throughout Brazil for the remainder of August, premiered in 2019 at the University of Brasilia and represents Antunes’ third work in the genre.

The work takes place in Brasilía during the elections and features several characters vying for the presidency of the Association including Pastor Falamaia, Eskindô-Jonum, Reembolso-Nário, Ostra Brilhante, Alessandro Fruta, Goiabosa Dos Mares de Jesus, General da Banda-Mourão, Sergio Des Moro-Alisado, and one Donald-Trompa.

The opera will open in Ceilandia and will then appear in Taguatinga, Paranoá, Gama, Varjão, and Planaltina. The final showcase is set for August 28, 2022.