Opera, Dance, & Fashion Come Together for World Premiere of ‘RUNE’

By Logan Martell

On August 17, 2021, the Hackney Round Chapel will present the premiere of “RUNE,” a grand-fashion opera spectacle by composer-librettist Alastair White, and produced by UU Studios.

The work will feature an ensemble of three grand pianos, and will blend elements of contemporary dance with interactive sculpture, and high fashion; the design is done by team Ka Wa Key, whose prior works include “ROBE” and “WEAR.”

It will be performed by Patricia Auchterlonie, with pianists Ben Smih, Joseph Havlat, and Siwan Rhys.

Of the work, Alastair wrote that “the opera is inspired by how the arbitrary sequencing of language, quantum states and interpersonal relations are fundamentally linked: through our endlessly creative ability to transform their disassociation into generous, open, infinite meanings – from the RUNE’s lifeless inertia to its tracing in voyages, songs, and love. ‘RUNE’ is a hymn to the power of these meanings as bridges between people: and a call to their importance in light of the dark and difficult century that lies ahead.”

Tickets will go on sale sometime in July. There will also be an interactive broadcast of the opera on September 17, 2021, a recording of which will be available for 28 days.