Opera Atelier Unveils 2021-22 Season

By David Salazar

Canadian company Opera Atelier has announced its 2021-22 season.

The new season will feature a wide range of performances and film productions, including Edwin Huizinga’s “Angel.” The 70-minute film is based on Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and poetry by Rainer Maria Rilke  and includes music by Huizinga as well as Jean-Phillipe Rameau, Matthew Locke, William Boyce, and Max Richter’s “Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi’s The Fours Seasons.”

The work, which was directed by Marshall Pynkoski and Marcel Canzona, stars Colin Ainsworth, Mireille Asselin, Measha Bruggergosman, Jesse Blumberg, Meghan Lindsay, John Tibbetts, and Douglas Williams, as well as artists of the Atelier Ballet.

“Huizinga’s stunning commission has enjoyed enormous success since its premiere in 2017 in France, expanding on a yearly basis with additional performances in Toronto, at Chicago’s Harris Theater for Music and Dance, and in Versailles,” Pynkoski said in a press release. “At long last, we are able to realize this project in its entirety with a stellar international roster of artists, led by Opera Atelier’s Artist In Residence – soprano Measha Brueggergosman, the Artists of Atelier Ballet, and Tafelmusik. The film premiere will include excerpts from John Milton’s Paradise Lost, interwoven with Rainer Maria Rilke’s mystic poetry in a new translation commissioned by Opera Atelier from American Playwright Grace Andreacchi.”

Streaming Dates: Oct. 28 – Nov. 12, 2021

The company also revealed that it would also be streaming Händel’s “The Resurrection” this summer.

The opera stars soprano Carla Huhtanen, soprano Meghan Lindsay, mezzo-soprano Allyson McHardy, tenor Colin Ainsworth, and bass-baritone Douglas Williams.

Streaming Dates: July. 29 – Aug. 12, 2021

Furthermore, the company unveiled that it had plans to return to live in-theater performances in the Spring of 2022. The organization plans to announce full casting and details in January 2022.