Opera America Announces Grant Awards to 8 Female Composers

By David Salazar

Opera America has announced the latest recipients of the Discovery Grants from the Opera Grants for Female Composers program.

The grants are made possible by the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation and are given to promote the development of works by women.

This year’s recipients include Lisa DeSpain for “That Hell-Bound Train,” Alexa Dexa for “Be a Doll,” Germaine Franco for “¡La Capitana!,”  Elizabeth Kelly for “Losing Her Voice,” Leanna Kirchoff for “Friday After Friday,” Veronika Krausas for “Ghost Opera,” Julia Weinwald for “REB+VoDKa+ME,” and Liza Seigido for “Cyborgs Are Dancing.” Each of these recipients will receive $15,000 to advance their work.

“Opera is experiencing a groundswell of support for gender parity across all sectors of the industry, both artistic and administrative, and we are proud to be a part of that movement through Opera Grants for Female Composers,” stated Marc A. Scorca, president/CEO of OPERA America. “Through the generosity of the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation, these grants have invigorated our art form with a wealth of new works that display the extraordinary skill of their composers, as well as a diverse range of artistic sensibilities.”

To date, there have been 38 recipients of the grants since 2014.