Obituary: Scottish Opera’s Isabel Rodgers Passes Away

By Afton Wooten

Isabel Rodger, the wife of the late Ian Rodger, who was one of the founders of Scottish Opera, died on Feb. 4, 2023.

As an early supporter of the Scottish Opera, Rodger was heavily involved and contributed to the growth of the company. She saw nearly every performance at the Theatre Royal, with her last being ‘Ainadamar’ by Golijov in October.

In 1963, with the company’s amateur chorus debut in Verdi’s “Othello,” Rodgers said, “the moment the curtain rose and the chorus suddenly appeared on stage is what made me fall in love with opera for the rest of my life.” Rodgers also was involved in the Scottish Opera’s 50th-anniversary celebration, which she viewed as “a tremendous  success.”