Obituary: Russian Voice Teacher Svetlana Grigorievna Nesterenko Dies of Covid-19

By Logan Martell

It has been announced on Classical Music New Russia that Svetlana Grigorievna Nesterenko has passed away due to Covid-19. S

he is remembered as a renowned vocal teacher in Russia, where she taught students in multiple cities.

Nesterenko spent many years as head of the vocal art department of the Pavel Serebryakov Conservatory in Volgograd before she moved to Moscow. From there, she went on to become head of the department of soloists at the Academy of Choral Art. She has taught at the Youth Program of the Bolshoi Theater and the International Academy of Music in Minsk.

Among her students include Olga Kulcchinskaya, Bogdan Volkov, Dinara Alieva, Alexander Vinogradov, Ekaterina Lekhina, and more.