Obituary: Dutch Mezzo & Radio Presenter Caroline Kaart Dies, Aged 89

By Logan Martell

On September 15, Dutch mezzo-soprano and teacher Caroline Kaart passed away at the age of 89.

Born on December 21, 1931, Kaart started her career as a presenter for a musical television program titled “Een song met Caroline” in the Netherlands.

As a singer, she has performed at the Royal Albert Hall in an anniversary concert for Queen Elizabeth II, as well as in musicals such as Jos Brink’s “America America.”

For 23 years, she was a presenter for the popular radio show “Klassiek with Caroline” for the AVRO on Radio 4. After this, she remained a teacher and went on to establish the Caroline Kaart Foundation in her hometown of Blaricum to support the performing arts.

In 1982, she was knighted into the Order of Orange-Nassau. Kaart passed away in the Rosa Spier House in the North Holland city of Laren.