Northern Opera Group Announces Film Adaptation of Pauline Viardot’s ‘Cinderella’

By Logan Martell

This December, Northern Opera Group is set to produce a filmed adaptation of Pauline Viardot’s “Cinderella.”

The film is directed by Sophie Gilpin and conducted by Chris Pelly, with Claire Wild in the title role and Nicholas Watts as the Prince. This production will blend on-site filming with a digital chorus of pre-recorded singers, who will be edited into the final version of the film.

“At a time when opera and the arts are under incredible strain, we’re thrilled to receive the support of Arts Council England to enable us to not only create opera for audiences and employ artists, but to continue to provide opportunity for our community to sing,” writes Artistic Director David Ward in a press release. “Now is not a time to fall back on what we know, but push to make opera exciting and relevant to new audiences in new ways.

“Our ‘Cinderella’ film will be the perfect tonic for audiences this Christmas, and this blend of on-location filming with a digital chorus will make for an entertaining and rather special event!”