Nokia Bell Labs Announces Collaboration with Finnish National Opera and Ballet on ‘Opera Beyond’

By David Salazar

Opera Beyond, a project that explores the opportunities for emerging technologies to help evolve the performing arts, is set for expansion in Finland.

Led by Nokia Bell Labs, the partnership with the Finnish National Opera and Ballet is part of “Experiments in Arts and Technology” lab and will see artists and the Nokia Bell Lab engineers and scientists working together.

Moreover, Nokia Bell Labs is set to launch its first ever artist-in-residence program in the Nordic companies with Kalle Rasinkangas set to be the first honoree of this distinction.

“The Opera Beyond project is a critical undertaking bringing together the fields of art and technology. The Finnish National Opera and Ballet’s vision for the future of the opera resonated strongly with our vision within E.A.T. It is our mission to connect people emotionally and to break down barriers between people and enable deeper levels of connection and understanding. Collaborating with the Finnish National Opera is the perfect place to develop these new solutions”, says Domhnaill Hernon, Head of Experiments in Arts and Technology at Nokia Bell Labs, in a press release.

Moreover, the organization announced that the International Opera Beyond Conference is set to take place on May 25-26 in Helsinki.