New York Opera Fest 2017: Brooklyn College Opera Theater’s ‘Brooklyn Baby!’ To Showcase Borough’s Finest

By David Salazar

Want to know what the collective creative genius of Brooklyn can put together? Then head over to the Whitman Theatre at Brooklyn College on Thursday, May 11, for the Brooklyn College Opera Theater’s production of “Brooklyn Baby!”

The opera, which is being billed as a “show within a show” is set up as follows. The characters of John Musto’s “Late the Same Evening” head to a musical and suddenly encounter music featuring some of Brooklyn’s greatest creative minds “spoofing the current political climate: complete with a female bachelorette president, a beauty pageant with all Russian contestants, a women’s march protestor, and a final message that maybe, just maybe women will one day be treated equally, not only under the law but also in our hearts and minds.”

Music from such composers as Aaron Copland, John Musto, George Gershwin, Tom Cipullo, Marvin Hamlisch, and Harry Warren, among others, will be showcased.

The show will be directed by Matthew Patrick Morris with Malcolm J. Merriweather leading the Brooklyn College Conservatory Orchestra.

The performance is part of the New York Opera Fest 2017.