New York Opera Alliance Announces New Opera Series Across Five Boroughs

By David Salazar

New York Opera Alliance has announced the new five-borough opera series, which is set to take place between April 20-23, 2023.

The series will occur over several days three times a year across all five boroughs. It starts with NYOANext: Bronx, on April 20, with a general audition and singers showcase, emphasizing unrepresented opera singers.

On April 22, a matinee of performances will feature numerous New York Opera Alliance companies, including Bronx Opera. More program details will be unveiled later this month.

“We are thrilled to be launching this comprehensive borough-wide initiative that will encourage deeper exploration throughout the city’s diverse neighborhoods while supporting small opera companies and spotlighting local artists,” said Marianna Mott Newirth, president of NYOA, in an official press statement. “Our aim is to bring this most complex of performing art forms to more and more people who never considered attending opera before. We are here to celebrate, rejuvenate and expand the very meaning of what opera is for all New Yorkers to discover.”