New York Dance and Arts Innovations & Tomasz Konieczny to Present Gala Concert

By Francisco Salazar

New York Dance and Arts Innovations, Inc. and Tomasz Konieczny are set to present a Gala Concert which opens the 25th International Chopin and Friends Festival.

The concert is also dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Polish and Slavic Center and the 25th anniversary of the New York Dance and Arts Innovations. Tomasz Konieczny will perform alongside pianist Lech Napierała. The program will include the world premiere of “Couplets” by Aleksander Nowak to the lyrics by Boleslaw Lesmian and music by Charles Ives and Henryk Czyż. It will also include works by Polish Romantic composers Frederick Chopin, Jan Paderewski, Grazyna Bacewiczm Kin’ichi Nakanoshima, Charles Ives, and Jakub Polaczyk.

The music will be performed by a group of international artists including pianists Mateusz Krzyżowski, Nicholas Kaponyas, and Liu Hao, Koto player Yoko Kimura, and erhu player Andy Li.

The concert will be held at Merkin Hall on Oct. 29, 2023.