New York Choral Society Kicks Off Virtual Season with ‘Peace Unto Zion’

By David Salazar

The New York Choral Society is set to kick off its virtual season with the premiere of “Peace unto Zion” on Nov. 11, 2020.

The short art film juxtaposes the utopian idea of the Shaker hymn with a modernized world full of injustice and racial inequality.

“There has been so much energy moving through me as I create this work. I just started George Floyd’s sculpture by pulling up his picture, and the next thing, I knew my hands were doing this thing— it felt out of body, and I began to cry,” stated artist Joyce McDonald, whose sculptural works appear throughout the film. “I couldn’t stop. I did Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland and Ahmaud Arbery. I did Eric Garner. I did Trayvon Martin. At first, all the eyes were closed, and it clearly looked like they were in coffins. And then God spoke to me. ‘Because they have opened everyone’s eyes, leave their eyes open.’ Their eyes have become the main focus of these works now.”

The video will feature 40 singers and was edited by Vito DeCandia. Carmen Borgia served as Sound Editor with Tim Cothren as Director of Photography. David Hayes was the Music Director while Steve Heller was the producer. The video lasts six minutes.